Work with me

Passionate about working with brands and businesses that share my values, and sharing their stories in a natural way. There are a few different ways in which we can collaborate. Whether you choose only one of the below mentioned or a combination of them all as a full-circle campaign- I’d love to hear from you!



The more traditional side of things. My photographic style can be described as clean and crisp, with minimal edits and a preference to natural light.

Below are some of the shoots I currently offer for both photography and styling, but I am so happy to personally work with you on creating a custom package to fit your needs. Feel free to reach out via my contact form if you have any questions or would like to find out about my rates.

If you’re a small business:

  • Images for your social media platforms, blogs or website.

  • Product Photography / Interiors / Experiences / Daily Activities

If you’re a restaurant/ offer food services:

  • Images of your offerings for printed (menus, cookbooks) or online use (social media, e-books, blogs or websites).

  • Monthly albums of social media content.

If you’re a clothing/ lifestyle brand:

  • Conceptualized lookbooks of new ranges/ products/ releases.

  • Images for your social media platforms, blogs or website.

If you’re a NGO/ NPO:

  • Assignment-based photography to document your work, events or projects, for use on social media, websites, fundraisers or various other online platforms.


  • Portraits and head-shots for professional/ personal use.

  • Content creation for bloggers/ social media use.

There’s nothing I love more than creating beautiful, captivating content for various lifestyle brands, mainly for social media, blogs or websites.

Aside from photography, there are a number of ways in which I can assist you when it comes to building your aesthetic and ensuring cohesiveness across all platforms, such as:

  • Leading campaigns through creative direction when it comes to choosing locations, props, models, photographer or videographers.

  • Styling (food, clothing, lifestyle-related products and accessories).

  • Creating and curating custom content to be shared to social platforms, mainly in the form of photography, copywriting and custom graphics.

  • Writing newsletters and blogposts. 

I like to place the focus on telling the story of your brand and the lifestyle that you’re looking to build around your business.

IMG_2905 copy.jpg

CONTENT Creation


If you’re a small business looking to improve, expand and grow your social media following I’d be happy to work with you. I have successfully created content for, curated, managed and improved the social media profiles of various brands, restaurants, and one of South-Africa’s largest online stores. The benefits of having a strong social media presence are endless, with the most important being the fact that it opens up your business to potential customers you might never reach otherwise.

These days, social media platforms are most likely the first look potential customers may have of your business- so let's make sure it's a beautiful and well thought-out one.

My services in terms of social media include:

  • Social media management, including responding to queries & engagements.

  • Social media consulting, in which I show you simple, yet effective ways to naturally grow your following and reach more people.

  • Curating content calendars.

  • Writing copy for social media platforms.




Social media has been a part of my journey from the beginning, and- when done right- my main form of inspiration. It is, after all, where my love for photography and content sharing started.

With this being said, I always prefer to use my influence for good. Leading to very specifically selected brand collaborations, only sharing businesses aligning with my values.

I love, and am so grateful for, the amazing community of like-minded individuals I’ve found myself in and it truly makes me so happy to engage with everyone I’ve come to know through this online space.

Whether you’d like me to create content for your brand in the form of a blogpost, Instagram post or to see examples of the campaigns I have worked on, please be in touch and I will be happy to forward my media kit on to you.

At the end of the day, I just hope to shed some light on businesses, brands, products, causes and just about anything I am passionate about. If you’d like to see some more specific campaigns I have worked on, or have any other questions please be in touch.