What To Pack For a Three Day Slackpacking Trail.

In partnership with Cape Union Mart and K-Way.

First of all, what on earth is slackpacking? Simply put, Slackpacking is backpacking without the schlep. Slackpacking trails are a relatively new genre of multi-day hiking trails, which allow you to travel light, carrying only your water, clothing, camera and waterproofs in a smaller pack, while someone else takes care of transporting all your baggage (think tents, food-equipment, sleeping bags, etc.) to an overnight stop-over. Slackpacking could also mean that heavy gear might be eliminated completely if you plan your trail with nightly stopovers at hotels, guesthouses or backpackers.

Prior to this trip, my longest hike lasted five or six hours on a day hike. Now, it’s not that I didn’t want to embark on an overnight or multi-day hike. It’s just always seemed so intimidating. I often wished there was a middle ground between a day hike and having to carry everything needed for survival as you brave the elements on a multi-day trip (which is how I got introduced to slackpacking).

So, when the team from Conscious Journey’s reached out to me, asking if I’d be keen to join their next hiking retreat, I knew I couldn’t say no. The hike would be an easy introduction to multi-day hiking. A 3-day, 5-night hike along the Central Wild Coast in the Transkei, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

We’ll cover between 10-18km per day and we’d be walking form backpackers to backpackers along the coast. Meaning we wouldn’t have to carry our own shelter, food or cooking supplies. As a first timer, I felt at ease knowing they mapped out a trusted route and as a solo female traveller, ease in knowing we’d be walking in a group along this part of the coast.

The appeal of not having too much gear to carry offers the opportunity to get used to long walking days whilst still carrying a pack. However, saves you from overpacking as I know many first-time hikers tend to do- making you hate the experience as you’re weighed down by too much gear.


(After the hike, I’ll give an honest assessment of what I’ll take next time I hit the trail and what I’ll leave at home)

K-Way Women’s Strata Boot

The K-Way Women's Strata boot merges form and function to create a comfortable, durable and waterproof boot designed to withstand volatile terrain. Breathable inner linings ensure moisture is vapour-permeable, whilst providing stability and flexibility without skimping on the grip because, if you’re anything like me, you’re probably going to slip a couple of times.

I chose them because they’re comfortable, flexible and equal in weight to most walking shoes, but still offers ankle coverage. They’re easy to put on (not too many ties or loopholes) and they work well (I think) with anything I wear.


What I brought:



K-Way Gradient 28L Day Pack



*As mentioned, we didn’t have to carry food or shelter, hence the lack of a tent, sleeping bag or food-related supplies for this overnight trip.