On safari at Inverdoorn Private Game Reserve.

Inverdoorn is a privately-owned big five safari destination, situated just two and a half hours from Cape Town within the Klein Karoo. The area once saw wildlife like the big five roaming freely, however, the natural ways of these species were uprooted with human settlement and agricultural development.

Therefore the reserve's 10 000 hectares plays a significant part in sustaining the biodiversity of the region by re-introducing these species (and the many that naturally came with them) to the area. The full big five, along with animals like zebras, hippos, giraffes, wildebeest, and springbok all live within the reserve and guests are guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience.

It should also be noted that the lions and elephants as seen on safari have all been rescued by the team at Inverdoorn, after spending most of their lives in confined captivity, the entertainment industry or being unnaturally bred for canned hunting.

Inverdoorn Private Reserve

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While most might head to Inverdoorn to see the big 5, it's the cheetah rescue and rehabilitation centre that remains the lodge's main attraction.

Founded in 2001, the centre is now home to several cheetahs, all in different stages of rehabilitation and plays a significant part in the survival of the species, of which there are less than 10 000 in the world today.

They offer Cheetah Educationals, automatically included when booking a five-star accommodation option, which we were lucky enough to experience. Guests get to meet and learn more about cheetahs at the reserve and the species as a whole and there is also the opportunity to watch the cheetahs go for their daily run after sunset safaris- a breathtaking thing to witness.

Our time at Inverdoorn came with a set overnight-itinerary, which I would highly recommend if you only have one evening here, as it gave us the opportunity to experience everything the reserve had to offer, whilst still enjoying some downtime by the pool.

This specific two-day itinerary included 3 meals (lunch, dinner, and breakfast), our overnight accommodation and two safaris (sunset and sunrise).

As for the accommodation, we stayed in one of the lodge’s four Ambassador Chalets which proved to be perfect for two singles sharing but it is suitable for couples as well. Each Ambassador chalet has an en-suite bathroom with an unbelievable walk-in shower and corner bath, as well as bathrobes and fresh towels every day.

It came fitted with everything you expect from a four-star lodge with amenities including satellite television, air-conditioning, a fully-stocked bar fridge, and a coffee/ tea station. My favourite feature was without a doubt the rooftop terrace that provided unbelievable views over the Karoo and proved to be the perfect spot for a lazy late-afternoon reading session.

Overall, I had an incredible time at Inverdoorn, which proved to be the perfect place if you're looking for a quiet and relaxing break away from the city (did I mention it's only 2,5 hours from the Cape Town CBD?).

The meals were all impressive buffets and special mention needs to go to the three-course dinner, as well as the chef that happily catered to my vegan dietary requirements.

Go if you're looking for relaxation, some adventure, extremely close encounters with wildlife, tranquil time spent by the pool and above all, if you'd like to experience the Karoo as it once naturally was.


This stay and all images captured came as a collaboration between myself and Chelsea (@epitomeofadventure), who shot and edited all images picturing me (and some extras).

Throughout all of these images you’ll see me wearing a local, environmentally aware fashion brand called Sitting Pretty, who are particular about sourcing natural and sustainable fibers, whilst also caring and respecting the people who produce their pieces (click on any of the images if you see a clothing item you like and it’ll take you straight to their online store).

You can learn more about Inverdoorn here: www.inverdoorn.com

Inverdoorn Game Reserve

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