My Favourite Way To Brew Coffee While Camping.

It’s funny how quickly small rituals became such a daily sense of comfort to me during those months on the road.

When traveling long term, you expect everything to be constantly changing. I knew what I signed myself up for. However, the one routine I wasn’t willing to compromise on was my daily coffee ritual.

It became a sense of comfort. My trusted companion on long travel days, my energiser for a full day of adventures, and the best way to enjoy a quiet, slow morning overlooking beautiful South African landscapes.

Granted, making coffee on the road isn’t always the easiest, but I’m adamant to make it as easy as possible for anyone reading this. So, as a self-confessed expert in making the perfect travel brew, see this as my breakdown of an accessible, easy and quick to pack setup.

Now, before the coffee snobs come for me. There are about a million different ways to make the perfect on-the-road coffee and your answer to the title of this blog might look completely different to mine, but I can only share from experience and preference.

Each approach has its ups and downs. Each person is different. Some of us don’t want to think in the morning about how we’ll get those first sips of caffeine. Others like the ritual of grinding the beans by hand and brewing for twenty minutes. There are many options as to how you go about it. This is just what I have come to prefer after traveling with most of said methods.

There are three simple things to look out for when building the perfect traveling coffee kit: portability, durability, and packability. The culmination of these three aspects (and an online store called More Flavour) helped me ensure that I never left my habit to chance.

Boiling the water.

Many of us don’t have access to electricity while we are out adventuring. Luckily, there are plenty of other, power free options to choose from. I won’t go into too much detail here, just find what works for you.

It seems many prefer using a Jetboil camping stove, because it is small, light, and boils water very quickly. Other options are a one or two burner, propane camping stove. I had a propane camping stove and a classic camp kettle that saw me through the year on the road.

One small tip is to bring an insulated coffee mug with a sealable lid. Things can be a bit bumpy when driving and it’s never fun to drop a fresh cup of coffee all over the car.

Always Freshly-Ground .

Pre-ground coffee tends to lose its flavor and aroma very quickly. More Flavour explores this in detail in their very informative blog post on the hidden benefits of grinding fresh. Additionally, by changing the size of my grounds, I can control how light or bold my coffee will be.

On my travels, I carried a Timemore Chestnut Coffee Grinder. This compact model with a 20g capacity (1 cup) was rated the top selling hand grinder in 2021. Tested against the top hand grinders in the world, Timemore came out tops for consistency and grind uniformity. The epitome of dynamite in a small package.

However, I really wish I’d had the electric Timemore Grinder Go though. It’s cordless, charges from the car (USB) and holds charge for about 30 cups. At 60g capacity, you can make coffee for 3-4 travelers, without the elbow grease.

The Setup

Now, I don’t like fuss. I don’t like doing dishes in a camping site and I don’t like coffee spilling all over the car if I didn’t have facilities to wash the device after a roadside stop. I’m also not patient enough to spend 25 minutes making a good coffee every morning.

Introducing the Aeropress Go.

Aeropress is my favorite camping coffee maker because it makes a flavorful, strong cup of coffee, and most importantly, really easy to clean. AeroPress’s fool-proof brew method extracts the maximum flavour and minimises excess bitterness in half the time of other coffee makers. The combination of immersion, pressure and filtration makes it possible to use with any ground coffee, no matter how coarse or fine it is. It also just so happens to be particularly useful if you’re stuck buying pre-ground coffee or want to skip the step of grinding your own beans completely.

Plus, with this Go-model the most versatile coffee maker on the planet just got even more practical and portable! Cleverly compacted into a travel mug and carrying case. It’s easy to use, easy to clean and made from highly durable BPA-free food safe plastic.

It’s compact and nearly indestructible.

That’s how, without much effort, I ensure a fresh brew in 3 to 4 minutes without much clean-up afterwards.


If you’re planning on hitting the road soon, remember that coffee and adventures go hand-in-hand. Find what works for you and have fun whilst you’re still experimenting. I truly could continue this blog post for five more chapters, but for now, I’ll leave you with this link to explore what you think will work best for you.

Please, feel free to comment and offer your own tips and tricks for the travel coffee game.