Shopping plastic-free at NUDE Foods.

NUDE Foods, a plastic-free grocery store in the heart of the Cape Town CBD, with the goal to make plastic-free shopping easy and accessible to the everyday shopper, whilst supporting local suppliers and other waste reducing initiatives.

Shopping there means you get to fill up your pantry with high-quality, sustainable, delicious foods and products, without filling your bin with wasteful packaging. All of their bulk wholefoods, health foods, and earth-friendly products are non-GMO, plastic-free and sold by weight.

As you know, I’m so passionate about working with brands and businesses that share my values and NUDE Foods is no exception. We’ll be working together far into the future as I’ll be photographing and curating most of their website, blog and social media imagery, as well as taking charge of their influencer partnerships and the monthly newsletter.

Here’s a look at some of the latest images shot of the interiors, highlighted products and memorable moments in store…

IMG_9247 copy.jpg
nude foods

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