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Mischke is one of my favourite people on instagram to follow. Not only is she a beautiful soul spreading good vibes, eco friendly tips and an array of daily living snippets, she happens to be an exceptional young women in person too!Warm and inviting with a natural ease and confidence, her social media mirrors her personality through and through (rather rare in an over curated world). Mischke  took a social media sabbatical which inspired me to do the same! I love her approach, views and strategy for healthy social media use and what outcomes a little break had for her!

What inspired a social media break?

I've been dabbling with the idea for a while, as I kind of just got bored with it and constantly seeing the exact same thing over and over again. What started as a source of inspiration, now feels like an oversaturated marketing place.  Then as an un(lucky) coincidence, my camera (that I use for most of my Instagram pictures) broke, and had to be sent off for repairs. I thought what better time than now?

 3 things that changed when you went off?

1. I actually messaged someone directly when I wanted to see how they're doing- instead of going to their social media profiles. I made plans with old friends, hung out with family members and caught-up (or at least made plans) with everyone I haven't seen in ages! When WhatsApp, SMS and calls are all that's left- it forces you to use your phone for what it was originally created for. 

2. I stopped caring what I was going to do on weekends- a week in advance. No more FOMO because you see what everyone else is up to, no more guilt if you chose to spend the entire Saturday on the couch (because the pressure to act as if you're living it up every weekend is completely gone). 

3. I got to be surprised more. I went to a few new places whilst I was offline and it was SO refreshing not knowing what to expect (if you're at all like me, who often looks up a place through social media before visiting). I got to be surprised by the view (without yet having seen hundreds of different filters applied to it), I got to marvel at the interiors (without seeing the pictures taken by complete strangers in front of the pretty wall), I got to meander and simply walk into the first place that pops up (and not the one that's just 10minutes away, because I've seen that blogger go to it that one time).

Biggest discovery about yourself that came up

I came back knowing 100% what I wanted to use social media for. All in all I'm not planning on turning this into a job, or making money from it at all- and I admire the people who do, it ain't easy (contrary to popular belief). For me, it's simply an online photo album of the places, faces and moments I wish to remember- and if that means other people are enjoying looking at these memories too, then great. But I would be just as fine with it if no one was watching (which hasn't always been the case). 

The hardest part about going off? 

1. I missed creating. 

As much as Instagram is a very "what I'm up to day-to-day" thing for me, it's also my chosen creative outlet. Not because I can gain anything from it, but simply because I genuinely enjoy curating a feed, and yes, admittedly maybe taking an extra 15 minutes to get the light just right for a picture. I'm a visual person who loves photography- where else could I incorporate that as well into daily life as here? 

2. Without social media, I wasn't forced to look for the little things anymore; and as much as I shouldn't have to be, it's a great way of me keeping myself accountable to look for those moments in daily life. 

I view features like stories as some-what of a gratitude journal. Snapping away at all of the little things that happen every day, that makes me happy. It's cool to have them all in one place, and I missed having these moments captured throughout the day, and then saved somewhere (iPhone Storage Almost Full, anyone else?).

 What changed when you came back on? (3 things) 

1. The pressure! Oh my goodness. Seeing that your life without social media goes on just as well as it always has, makes you realize how truly silly we are to put SO much pressure on ourselves to post/ share/ let the world know we still exist. People still called when I went offline, I still hung out with friends (actually more so), and most of all I promise I survived. 

2. I value people and real-life connection more. Maybe this is just where I'm at in life right now, away from social media. But it's been apparent since my return, so I'll mention it. 

Like I've said previously, I make more effort to now directly connect, call and actually SEE people. I've actually stopped following most people's stories as well (yes, you can choose to mute stories) because I want to be surprised upon hearing the exciting things going on in their lives, and not simply shrugging it off with a "oh yeah, I saw you posted something about it on Instagram". 

3. I stopped any product pushing. Once again, I need to mention that there are people who do this for a living and it's a whole different world. But for little old me, I don't feel the need to anymore. (*Yes, you'll still notice a brand tag here or there, but that's simple because I was actually wearing/ eating/ using that product on the day and it added to my day. I will not be going out of my daily routine/ making effort to shoot and create content for unpaid partnerships with products/ brands).

PS: Faithful To Nature doesn't count, that's my day job, and the social media profiles are my babies, so I'll namedrop as much as I want #GoFollowThemNow (haha) 

 Tips for handling social media to stay sane?

Haha if you're not feeling sane because of social media, you probably should be going offline soon. 

Remember it's one little thing in your day, see it as a hobby, something to do (for a few minutes!), catch up, find inspiration and leave. 

Make a life for yourself outside of social media, if you've got a million other fun things to do (and genuinely love your life) you won't feel the need to constantly be on there. And when you are, it's because you WANT to be. 

Be ruthless about who you're allowing on your feed (if that person's posts are negatively impacting you in such a way that it sticks with you when you put your phone down/ eat/ workout/ travel/ look in the mirror/ think it's worthwhile to mention in conversation- you probably shouldn't be following them).

Mute stories (and even posts!) this has been a revelation for me. I know many of us feel we need to be following someone because you know them or they follow you or blah blah blah, and you can still do that, but you don't have to see anything they do. Or you actually only want to check in on a friend's story, and then 38 minutes later you're seeing what some blogger in Canada is eating for breakfast (we're all guilty). When the stories aren't there, you won't swipe on (and then if you actually WANT to see someone story, search their name, set the intention to do so, and enjoy having a look at what they've been up to).

Go to their profile > top three dots on the right side > mute

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