A minimal seaside home tour: the bedroom

Welcome to my home! Let’s kick things off by taking a step into my favourite room (mind you, it is a one bedroom apartment, so my choices are limited, but still my favourite nonetheless).

I wanted the room to feel clean, calm and casual, with as many natural elements as I could possibly squeeze in. The result being my own little sanctuary, that I genuinely LOVE (like, “my-heart-sings-every-time-I-walk-into-the-room” kind of love) and get so excited about coming home to.

It took me a year to get it to where it is today, because I wanted to prioritize sourcing as much as I can locally, sustainably, or preferably secondhand. Have a look below to see exactly where I got everything pictured (I’ve included the links in CAPS):

The bedside tables were hand-made, locally by ABK FURNITURE (142 Victoria Rd, Salt River, Cape Town) – all I had to do was give them a call, send a picture of what I wanted with the measurements and I picked them up two days later (they were R600 each).

My bedside lamps (R350 each) were a new buy from WOOLWORTHS, (but by the time I wrote this, I couldn’t seem to find it on their online store anymore).

The side clock from SUPERBALIST (that acts as my alarm) came after I made the conscious decision to keep technology out, by implementing a “no screens in the bedroom”- rule.

I leave my phone and laptop to charge in the living room, and I can honestly say that not scrolling through Instagram until I fall asleep, or grabbing my phone first thing when I wake up has had such a positive impact on the way I sleep, wake up and overall mood. I now choose to rather read, or listen to music or podcasts (with the sleep-timer set), through a bluetooth speaker.

I always have candles, incense or essential oils burning in my bedroom, and house in general. The current one being THE SOYLITES COCONUT CANDLE, that leaves the entire room smelling of Coconut, Vanilla and Lime.

All of the plants in my bedroom are from SUNNYCROFT GROWERS, and I can’t really say that I have any species to recommend for a bedroom specifically. I mainly just choose them based on size and whether or not I liked them. I do however know that the tree is a FICUS TREE, and it’s been thriving. The basket (R150) was bought from the road-side sellers on STEENBERG ROAD, by the Main Road Crossing’s traffic lights.

Throws or blankets make for such a cosy addition to any space, and I chose to source these from some local brands. The KNITTED COTTON BLANKET draped over the chair is locally made in Cape Town (by GRANNY GOOSE),and the throw on my bed is from THE COTTON COMPANY.

The bed frame was bought secondhand on GUMTREE (R1500).

My bedding was a gift from the kind people at GRANNY GOOSE and it’s quite the upgrade from my previous no-name, Mr.Price Home sheets. These LINEN SHEETS are next level and just so much more comfortable, softer and cooler- I highly recommend if you’re looking to invest in quality bedding!

I absolutely love THE STORY of how Granny Goose came about (amongst many other things) and that’s why I’m so happy to be sharing this brand! This local, family-run business started in a Constantia living room, after Granny Gaynor placed an advertisement in a 1995 edition of House & Garden, opening up said home to strangers to come and have pillows made to their needs. Needless to say, they did, in overwhelming amounts- and so Granny Goose was born.

The yellow, patterned scatter-cushions were handmade, with fabrics I bought in Zambia, and THESE are from Mr.Price Home.

The little reading nook is a new addition to my room, and I just love sitting here with my morning cup of tea or cozying up with a book.

The chair (R600) is handwoven, by the same roadside sellers who made the basket mentioned above. I draped the Granny Goose COTTON BLANKETover it and added THIS scatter cushion from Mr. Price Home.

THE MIRROR is from Mr. Price Home and I found the log pedestal on Facebook Marketplace (R500). Speaking of which, the seller Philip, is probably one of the loveliest men I’ve ever met. He started hand-crafting all sorts of wooden things (tables, chairs, light fixtures…) to keep him busy after retiring. Now his Pinelands home is filled with all sorts of bits and bobs and his wife is starting to complain. So, if you’re looking for any sort of woodwork, I promised to add his number, simply give him a call at 0735863070 (he hasn’t quite gotten the hang of email yet).

Oh, and I’m wearing Liv and Light’s beautiful dresses in the photographs!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little glimpse into my home, and I’ll be sharing the rest very soon. Please feel free to leave a comment below if there’s anything I missed out/ you would still like to know!


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