Skin clearing DIY essential oil blend.

Did you know that essential oils can be super effective in helping with breakouts? Because the right essential oils contain a number of antibacterial and antiseptic qualities, killing the bacteria that often cause outbreaks.

So whenever an unexpected breakout flares up, I immediately whip up a batch of this super easy to make skin-clearing blend.


I found this recipe in a book, titled Oil + Glass: The Essential Collective, and I can honestly say it’s my go-to resource for essential oil recipes and potions. For everything from skin care and home cleaning products to health blends and aromatherapy tips.

The book explains that the oils used in this recipe (tea tree, frankincense, and lavender) are perfect for clearing problem skin because of their anti-bacterial, soothing and regenerative properties.

essential oils

What you’ll need:

I exclusively use Young Living’s essential oils and HERE are 10 reasons why. If you’d like to get your hands on some I’ll leave the link to the starter kit HERE and the website HERE .


Drop essential oils in the roller bottle and fill up the remainder (about 10ml) with the carrier oil of your choice. Pop the lid onto the roller bottle and give it a shake to mix all of the oils.

How to use:

Simply roll directly onto problem areas or over your T-zone.

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