The Faithful To Nature products I can't live without.

After a year and a half of working for South Africa’s most loved and biggest online health and wellness store, I can indeed confirm that many hours were spent snooping through all of the products in the warehouse.

Now just in case you haven’t stumbled upon Faithful To Nature you can read all about them over HERE and it’s my go-to source for all things natural, organic, local and sustainable. Started in a garage by Kommetjie local, Robyn Smith, who wanted to create a platform where anyone could shop ethically without a hassle. She wanted to empower consumers to choose the kindest and safest products by disclosing information like ingredient lists; countries of origin and the cruelty free status of every item.

I love the fact that I can choose to shop based on my values by using the filtering system, which shows you which of our products are, for instance, vegan - or certified cruelty-free, plastic-free or locally made. And I can’t forget to mention the added benefit of the products being delivered to my door (yes to shopping in your pajamas!).

Now, just because my 9-5 there came to an end certainly doesn't mean my shopping will (although my employee discount is a thing of the past and with that my monthly budgeting). And as mentioned, after spending over a year working there I can fully say I tried just about every trending, new and exciting product and these are the ones I have purchased again-and- again. Granted, some of these might not be the sexiest products but they’re the ones I found to work and the fact that I buy them almost every month just goes to show how often I use them…

PS: If you’d like to take a closer look at one of the products click on any underlined word! It’ll take you straight to the product page.


2. Nature's Choice Stevia Powder

It’s what I use instead of sugar or honey to sweeten hot drinks like coffee, tea or hot chocolate and I even add a little bit to oats or baked goods to sweeten things up. All natural, it's made from plant extract so it contains none of the harmful chemicals found in other sweeteners. You only need a tiny bit as 1/16 tsp of Stevia replaces 2 tsps of sugar and 1 1/2 tsp Stevia replaces 1 cup of sugar.

3. Back 2 Nature Skincare Products

This local, women-owned brand only uses sustainably sourced ingredients, with no artificial colours or fragrances, no alcohol, no parabens and no other nasties. They organic and non-GMO farming practices in South Africa, and the product range is packaged in beautiful glass jars, avoiding plastic wherever possible. Oh, and did I mention they’re also certified cruelty-free?

My favorites include the Face Wash, Witch Hazel Toner and the new Fynbos Mask.

4. Sustainable Toothbrushes


5. Natures Charm Tinned Jackfruit

With a texture and flavor similar to what I image pulled-pork would be like, it’s great to add to salads, wraps, stir-fry’s or pasta dishes.

6. Antonia's Sweet Chilli Sauce

it’s one of those condiments you can add to just about anything.

7. My favorite selection of teas.


8. Gudsheet Toilet Paper

Toilet paper made from sugar cane? Produced from certified sustainable raw materials? With a portion of all proceeds going towards improving water & sanitation in South Africa? YES!

9. Pure Beginnings Toothpaste

It’s my favourite natural toothpaste, endorsed by the Vegan Society and with 99% of the total ingredients from natural origin.

10. If You Care Recycled Aluminium Foil

For oven-roasting or braaing veggies, this foil is made from 100% recycled aluminum and boxed in 100% recycled, unbleached cardboard.

11. Vitamins


12. My favourite nut butters

13. Jojoba Oil

A miracle oil that nourishes, and moisturizes skin, tames dry, frizzy, and brittle hair, and strengthens weak nails and fragile cuticles. Bottled in glass, Beauty Without Cruelty certified cruelty-free and it’s 100% natural.

14. Wazoogles Superfood Powders

I almost always add these mixes to oats, smoothies, smoothie bowls, or pancakes.

15. Balsamic Vinegar

It’s my favourite light salad dressing. Simply mix with a little olive oil and salt to flavor greens.

16. My go-to snacks

The Faithful To Nature range of completely Sulphite-free dried fruits and raw nuts are so yum and I love that it’s packaged in 100% compostable & biodegradable packaging (that means you can add it to your compost!)

17.Prince Albert Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This local, award-winning cold extracted olive oil is ideal for cooking and great as a salad dressing; plus the gorgeous vintage-style tin will look so good in your kitchen.


18. Silvercare Organic Cotton Buds

Silvercare’s Organic Cotton Buds are a totally biodegradable earbud made using FSC certified paper, and 100% organic cotton. The super soft cotton is free from pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizer residue.

19. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

20. Massel Vegetable Style Powder

Massel Powder can be used in stuffings, risottos, cous cous, as a tasty sprinkle, on roasted veg, in marinades and salad dressings as a delicious all natural vegan vegetable-style seasoning powder.


21. A little something extra: Soylites Coconut Candle - Clear Jar - Coconut, Vanilla, Lime

I can’t even begin to describe how good this candle smells. It’s 100% natural and made with premium raw ingredients, completely free of chemicals, parabens and petroleum, to ensure hours of non-toxic, environmentally-friendly burning


If you’re wanting to try any of these products out, Faithful To Nature is offering a 20% discount to new shoppers when you use the code MISCHKE at checkout. Enjoy!