How to plan the perfect Summer picnic.

The idea that Summer is slowly coming to an end is a thought that I’ve been trying my very best to ignore. But alas, this is our reality, and  
if you’re anything like me, you’re going to be spending these last few sunshine-filled days cramming as much of Summer into Summer as you possibly can. 

One of my absolute favourite ways to do this is by planning some kind of picnic, mainly because it brings all of the best things about this season together at once: friends, fresh food, and the outdoors.

Now, I know I’m sharing a how-to, but there really is no right or wrong way to plan a picnic. I find that the best ones come from not over-planning, and having everyone join in- so take the pressure off and just have fun with it! 

With that being said, if you’re new to the art of picnicking, it’s good to have a set of building blocks to start with. So here are my basics for, what I consider to be, the perfect Summer picnic.

Firstly, you’ll have to choose a location. And this doesn’t have to be some far-off national park, botanical garden or white-sand beach, follow our lead and pack it out in your back garden! 

Set up the space by collecting everyone’s favourite rugs, throws, blankets and pillows- maybe even a coffee table or pedestal- and pack it out in whatever way works for you. We threw down a big old carpet, pillows as seats and used pallets, dressed in throws, as our table.

Now, for the most important part: the food.

Each to their own here. Although personally, I want it to be easy (from putting it together, to transporting it, to packing up afterwards) and made up of fresh, colourful, plant-based whole foods. 

When it comes to checking all of those boxes, I have yet to find a better solution than Bueno Boards. These curated picnic platters can be pre-ordered (for the greater Cape Town area), and I can honestly say that it’s the only way I plan on picnicking from now on. The fact that I didn’t have to cut or pack a single thing is reason enough, and it just makes it so much better that, in this case, convenience also equals locally sourced, healthy, delicious food (and don’t even get me started about how beautiful these boards are- I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves).

Our spread was made up of two plant-based boards, a whole bunch of grapes and cut-up watermelon quarters- it proved to be more than enough for our group of 5.

And lastly, my main tip is to consider the environment! If your picnic (with the goal to enjoy the outdoors) leads to a trash bag full of waste, you might as well leave it. 

We only needed some knives (for bread-cutting and hummus spreading) and wooden boards (to pack the fruit on). You could use plates as well, but we chose to nibble and pick straight from the boards. 

Bueno proved to be perfect for our “as little waste as possible”- mission as well. The boxes themselves are 100% recyclable, the spreads and dips come in glass jars (with lids), and any other packaging is compostable…as if we needed another reason to love this concept.

And there you have it- the simple ways in which I throw together a picture-perfect picnic. Here’s hoping you enjoy the last bit of Summer’ing as much as I certainly will. Do let me know if this inspired you to host a little picnic of your own- and please send pictures! 

If you have any questions that need answering, or would like to try out Bueno Boards for your next picnic, send them a message over on THEIR INSTAGRAM or an email to

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