Choosing joy & laughing in the shower.

Have you realized how much of our happiness is based on choice? At any given day, in any given circumstance we can actively choose to see the good and find joy with a simple mindset shift.

You know those mornings where you just wake up and something's off? Well, today was one of those for me. Diving straight into the week without pausing to be present, I allowed thoughts of everything I needed to do and everything I haven’t managed to do, stream in.

Funny how quickly those thoughts can turn into the simple notion of "you are not enough".

I reluctantly got myself up and out of bed, spotting about three things I disliked as I passed the mirror on the way to the shower, already planning on how I'll keep breakfast "light" because I ate out way too much over the weekend.

And then I laughed... now just bear with me, this is not as crazy as it sounds.

I laughed because I overslept, laughed because I already deemed a day bad and it hasn't even had the chance to impress me yet. I laughed because I pictured my five-year-old self, how funny she would think my hair looks at this moment, and how silly she would think these "grown-ups" are by doing or choosing things that make them unhappy.

What would excite her at this very moment in time? Her favourite breakfast after this? The fact that it rained overnight and now there will be puddles to jump into? Finally getting the chance to wear her brand new scarf?

So without those thoughts disappearing completely, I laughed, got out of the shower, put my three-day unwashed hair up into a scrunchy and decided to twirl back into my bedroom.

I went on to write in my journal: “Those thoughts will always be there, but so will happiness. It’s up to you to choose which one you want to focus on today.”